Jessica Learmonth has no regrets over Olympic Test Event DQ with Georgia Taylor-Brown

In a candid and exclusive head-to-head chat for Super League Triathlon, British Jessica Learmonth admits she doesn’t regret her hand-in-hand finish with Georgia Taylor-Brown, which resulted in the disqualification of both athletes. “It was a funny one. I don’t regret it, but there were a lot of opinions around it so it was funny. It was interesting to see what people thought about what we did.”

After their disqualification, Learmonth and Taylor Brown didn’t earn an automatic qualification for the British team for Tokyo, but since they have been formally selected for the postponed 2020 Olympics, both can laugh about the situation. “People were mostly supportive and what mattered most to me was that the other athletes supported us in what we did,” said Taylor-Brown. “Most of them knew the rule,” said Learmonth. “It was just us. I never experienced this or knew it was a rule.”

Taylor-Brown had no doubts at all about finishing hand-in-hand. “We did it, and I think we did it because it felt right to do it. It was the whole journey getting to the test event was difficult and we did it together. But, we won’t be doing it again.”

You can watch the full Super League Triathlon “head-to-head” interview here: