Six thoughts that cross your mind during an indoor ride

(Photo: Romy Louise van Schooneveld)

While some people love it, most athletes have a love-hate relationship with their indoor trainer. Love when it’s pouring rain and you realize there is an alternative for that ride you have planned, but hate once you’re actually on the trainer to get the work done. Here are some thoughts that often come to mind when people ride indoors:

1. “How far can I reach without unclipping and getting of my bike?”

The moment you realize your phone or the remote control is actually júst out of reach. “Is it possible to keep pedaling and not drop back in Zwift if I stretch far enough?”

2. “Am I making optimal use of the fan?”

“Does it get better if I move it 10 centimeters to the right? No … it doesn’t. Maybe I should move it slightly up and let the wind blow in my face? Or maybe it was better just like it was when I started. How does this room heat up so fast!? Maybe I should just open a window or door.”

3. “180 watts!? How is that right?”

When you feel like you are riding at the speed of sound, but your bike computer tells you something different. Then you painfully realize you need to increase that wattage later in the session by maybe 50 or even 100, and you start to feel a little worried.

4. “How have I only been riding for 8 minutes when it feels like 20?”

“Is this clock even working? Great … this ride is going to take forever!”

5. “Is this fit working for me?”

Since riding indoors can feel a lot harder than riding outdoors, one of the things that’s easiest to blame is your fit. Should the saddle be higher? Lower? The handlebars closer or further?

6. “What am I going to eat when I’m done?”

The longer you are on the bike, the bigger the list will be and the harder it will be to stick to your healthy diet. Because some days you just feel like you need at least five plates to tame that raging appetite.