Yvonne van Vlerken thanks bike sponsor, but admits she doesn’t “like cycling anymore”

The queen of triathlon in the Netherlands, Yvonne van Vlerken, retired in 2019 with a “hometown” win at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. While she remains active, Van Vlerken admits she doesn’t get on her bike as much: “I could have never, ever, have expected that I wouldn’t enjoy riding my bike anymore…how that happened, I’m not sure.”

She does have a theory though. “Maybe I just have too little time left, and maybe I biked a bit too much in my life,” says Van Vlerken. “But that doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for my latest and longest bike sponsor, Simplon. Since 2012 I’ve cooperated with this amazing company, and I’ve always felt special. Down below [is] an overview of our beautiful and shared journey.”