Watch it live: Zwift Pro Tri Series 3 / race 1

The third “season” of the Zwift Pro Tri Race Series is about to begin: from 8:00 p.m. EST you can watch all the action here live to see which who will be the strongest in the first race of this third edition of the series.

The first race the athletes will do today is a time trial on Zwift’s grueling Bologna course. This route is only 8 kilometers, but it ends with a climb of about two kilometers with climbs as steep as 10 percent.

The second race is, for the first time in the Zwift Pro Tri Race Series’ young history – a run. All the athletes will cover 5.8 kilometers in Zwift’s Yorkshire environment. For the third and final race, the athletes will be back on the bike where they will complete 11.4 kilometers on the Crit City course.

You can watch how all the action unfolds live: