European Triathlon elects new Vice-Presidents

Four men just “competed” to be Vice-Presidents of European Triathlon: Holland’s Martin Breedijk, Britain’s Bill James, Ireland’s Chris Kitchen and Greece’s Georgios Yerolimpos. Of those four, two were elected Vice-President – that honor was ultimately bestowed upon Breedijk and Kitchen. Breedijk received the most votes. Italy’s Renato Bertrandi remains President of European Triathlon; there were no other candidates for his position. Bertrandi needed a majority of the votes and he got that with over 97 percent.

Favorite Disney characters, Europe Triathlon loses over 22,000 Euros

Participants in the election, which included delegates from the European triathlon federations, first had to do all kinds of test voting to see if the system was working correctly. For example, they had to vote “yes” or “no” to the question of whether the weather will be nice tomorrow and they were asked to select their two favorite Disney characters.

Before the votes took place, several presentations were given, including an update on the financial situation for European Triathlon. In 2020 the organization lost over 22,000 Euros. In 2019, the group enjoyed a profit of over 20,000 euros.