Runner mistakes half-marathon for 10k, wins, but gets disqualified

(Photo: Pixabay)

Imagine thinking you’re running a 10k road race, but you end up running a half-marathon… by accident. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s what happened to Britain’s Omar Ahmad. The athlete had signed up to race the 10k, but he accidentally raced the half-marathon and won in an impressive time of 1:03 hour. When the road split into either the 10k event or the half-marathon event, Ahmad took a wrong turn.

The organization behind the event had no mercy for the special incident, though. After the race, Ahmad heard he was disqualified. “Rules are rules and in this case they say we have to disqualify Omar,” Paul Foster, the CEO of The Great Run Company, told BBC. “We salute his performance, and he has been invited to take part in next week’s Great Manchester Run as an elite athlete,” he continued.