Lauren Parker and Jetze Plat break the tape at World Triathlon Para Championships Abu Dhabi

(Photo: World Triathlon)

What a year it’s been for Jetze Plat. The Dutch athlete has been unbeatable the last couple of years and after wining a Paralympic gold medal and the European Championship, Plat just added another victory to his impressive palmares: gold at the World Triathlon Para Championships in Abu Dhabi (category PTWC). In the women’s race of that same category, it was Australia’s Lauren Parker who delivered an impressive performance and finished on top of the podium.

Plat shared the podium with fellow Dutch Geert Shipper, who needed 1:18 minute longer to complete his race. The third place was taken by Austria’s Florian Brungraber (+1:29). Brazil’s Jessica Ferreira and Spain’s Eva Maria Moral Pedrero claimed silver and bronze in the women’s PTWC race.

The following para athletes earned a medal at today’s World Championship:

PTS2 men
1. Jules Ribstein (FRA) 1:08:43 hour
2. Lionel Morales (ESP) 1:09:19 hour
3. Wim de Paepe (BEL) 1:10:44 hour

PTS2 women
1. Hailey Danz (USA) 1:17:21 hour
2. Fran Brown (GBR) 1:18:17 hour
3. Liisa Lilja (FIN) 1:23:45 hour

PTS3 men
1. Victor Chebotarev (RTF) 1:08:07 hour
2. Daniel Molina (ESP) 1:09:15 hour
3. Nico van der Burgt (NED) 1:09:50 hour

PTS3 women
1. Andrea Miguelez Ranz (ESP) 1:14:42 hour
2. Elise Marc (FRA) 1:19:31 hour
3. Evgeniya Koroleva (RTF) 1:34:00 hour

PTS4 men
1. Alexis Hanquinquant (FRA) 58:54 minutes
2. Hideki Uda (JPN) 1:03:22 hour
3. Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (ESP) 1:03:58 hour

PTS4 women
1. Kelly Elmlinger (USA) 1:12:53 hour
2. Marta Frances Gomez (ESP) 1:15:31 hour
3. Elke van Engelen (GER) 1:23:17 hour

PTS5 men
1. Chris Hammer (USA) 58:34 minutes
2. Aleksandr Konyshev (RTF) 58:36 minutes
3. Ronan Cordeiro (BRA) 58:38 minutes

PTS5 women
1. Claire Cashmore (GBR) 1:05:01 hour
2. Grace Norman (USA) 1:05:54 hour
3. Alisa Kolpakchy (UKR) 1:11:40 hour

PTVI men
1. Dave Ellis (GBR) 58:29 minutes
2. Hector Catala Laparra (ESP) 59:47 minutes
3. Kyle Coon (USA) 1:01:19 hour

PTVI women
1. Susana Rodriguez (ESP) 1:06:26 hour
2. Anna Barbaro (ITA) 1:09:25 hour
3. Alison Peasgood (GBR) 1:09:40 hour