Flashback Friday: triathlete runs 23 km during IM 70.3 Lanzarote with bike due to bike breakdown

(Photo: Instagram)

Only a few weeks ago, we saw how Dutch pro triathlete Evert Scheltinga biked 60 km without a saddle, but what Malte Schloemer did during Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote 2016 is even more striking: he ran 23 km with his bike in his hand due to a mechanical problem. After already cycling for about 70 km, he couldn’t just drop out like that. The German athlete finished his race after all in a time of 7:32:35 hours, running more than a marathon. We look back at this impressive performance.

For the swim part, Schloemer needed 29:03 minutes. As he completed more than a quarter of the bike part running, his bike time of 4:44:42 hours most likely wasn’t what he was hoping for. But that he was still able to run another half-marathon after that in 2:10:33 hours was very special. Schloemer showed some real perseverance here.

Schloemer wasn’t yet done with triathlon despite this mechanical setback. He’s still racing and even noted a fast time on the Long Distance this year during Ironman Switzerland: 9:57:22 hours. A little side note is necessary, though: the swim part was shortened to 3000 meters.