Joe Skipper notes impressive time on 50 km “training” run after Christmas

(Photo: Joe Skipper Instagram)

While many of us are still recovering from a big feast during Christmas and would be happy to get in a training session at all, Britain’s Joe Skipper yesterday ran 50 km in “training”. That came in handy, as he was going to visit his parents and decided to just run there. For whoever, thought he would do so in an easy pace: you’re wrong… he went all in and noted an impressive time of 2:58:11 hours.

With that time, Skipper ran an average pace of 3:33 minutes per km. If we use that to calculate his marathon time, that would come down to 2:29:49 hour on the marathon. 

It may only be December, Skipper already showed that he’s in great shape. And that’s a good thing, because the athlete has – just like many of his competitors – set his sights on the Ironman World Championship in St. George (May. 7, 2022). 

Skipper’s “Christmas run” will without a doubt be talked about in the next episode of the podcast Triathlon Mockery, which the athlete records every week, together with Dutch pro triathlete Tom Oosterdijk.