Ultra runner Aleksandr Sorokin breaks world record 100 mile and twelve hours running

(Photo: Tomer Feder/Sport Photography)

He already had multiple ultra run records on his name, but Lithuania’s Aleksandr Sorokin just added another two titles to his impressive palmares: the world record on the 100 miles and the world record over twelve hours running. Extra special is that he broke the records during the same run.

After running his first 100 miles (almost 161 km) in a time of 10:51:39 hours, he continued to also break the distance record within twelve hours: 177,41 km. With both of these record attempts he also broke his own records, because those were 11:14:56 hours for the 100 miles and 170,30 km in twelve hours.

It’s usually hard to get an idea of the speed and length of such a run. If you calculate Sorokin’s pace, he averaged 4:04 minutes per km, and that for a time of twelve hours.