Challenge Family announces partnership with Turkish Triathlon Federation

Challenge Family announces partnership with Turkish Triathlon Federation. (Photo: Press Release)

Today, Challenge Family announced a new multi-year partnership with the Turkish Triathlon Federation to expand their global triathlon series into this region, which “marks a significant step forward in the continued development of Turkish Triathlon”, they write in a press release.

The agreement was signed by the Turkish Triathlon Federation President, Bayram Yalçinkaya, Secretary General, Göktürk Yilmaz, and Performance Director of National Teams, Onur Aydemir, and Challenge Familiy CEO Jort Vlam and Challenge Family COO Jefry Visser. In the end of October, the first new Challenge Family race in Turkey will be announced.

“With over 30 long and middle distance races in 27 countries, Challenge Family races are enjoyed by triathletes from all over the world and are renowned for their festival atmosphere, from the first to the last minute. We can confirm the first race with Challenge Family will take place at a location that has important value for us, and we have all the agreements in place for an announcement at the end of October. I am extremely happy to share this news, which will contribute to the development of Turkish Triathlon and our country’s presentation with our community. I hope this agreement will be beneficial for both sides”, Yalçınkaya said.

“Today marks the start of an exciting new development in both Challenge Family and Turkish Triathlon’s history”, Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam adds. “We’re looking forward to working closely with the Federation to further the sport of triathlon in the Balkan region and deliver some exciting new races to our athletes. Turkey is an extraordinary country, rich in culture and history, and a spectacular destination for triathlon.”