Ironman announces “Live Aloha” initiative to protect Hawaii from triathletes

Ironman announces "Live Aloha" initiative to protect Hawaii from triathletes. (Photo: Twitter Donald Miralle)

It’s been three years, but finally Ironman returns big to the magical triathlon island of Hawaii. To protect the island from triathletes invasion, Ironman announced the “Live Aloha” initiative, aiming for responsible tourism on the island.

“Live Aloha aims to help all remember the importance of the community, culture, and land that have made this event so special for more than 40 years”, Ironman stated in a press release. Live Aloha encourages people to be righteous – referred to as pono – while on Hawaii, therefor people can take the “Pono Pledge”.

“To live pono is to be in perfect harmony with all things and to be aligned with your custodial relationship with the planet and its inhabitants”, Ironman explains. So far nearly 20,000 people signed the Pono Pledge.

“Live Aloha calls on not only our athletes but our entire Ironman Ohana to return to Hawaii Island in a way that celebrates our shared history, taking collective ownership and responsibility for honoring and respecting the Hawaiian culture, lands, and people that make this amazing event possible”, Diana Bertsch, Senior Vice President of World Championship Events for The Ironman Group, commented. “We know there is great anticipation after three years without a world championship event on Hawaii Island and excitement can sometimes be blinding to other important areas”, Bertsch adds.

There will be projects and educational sessions to make people aware of the local community and culture, but also, for instance, explain why it’s so important to wear mineral sunscreen. “Everyone can Live Aloha by obeying road rules when cycling, wearing mineral sunscreen, and avoiding stepping through gardens and nature, just to name a few. Responsible tourism starts and extends long before and after race day and, if we all do our part, can make for a truly life-changing experience for all”, the message concludes.