PTO Tour gets a fourth race and goes ‘double distance’

(Photo: PTO)

With this year’s first-ever PTO Tour – the PTO Canadian Open, PTO Collins Cup and PTO US Open – the PTO is of course already looking forward to next season. The PTO Tour will return for sure, almost certainly with a fourth race. One of the four races will have a ‘Long Distance format’.

It is not yet announced at which four locations the PTO Tour 2023 will be raced, nor is the distance of the fourth race – which will be a longer distance. However, it seems that it will be a race over double the distance of the current PTO Tour races (2 – 80 – 18). That means a 4km swim, 160km bike and 36km run: a total of 200 kilometers

This coming weekend the last PTO Tour race of this season will take place: the PTO US Open. That race will take place in Dallas.