Anne Haug on Challenge Roth’s pro field: ‘The starting field is just incredible’

Anne Haug as defending champion at Challenge Roth (Picture: Frank Hau / Challenge Roth)

We have all seen the amazing pro fields of Challenge Roth. The men’s race will be spectacular for sure, but the women’s race may even go beyond that. Perhaps never before have we seen such a strong field of top athletes together. Defending champion Anne Haug will join the race to defend her title and is looking forward to the epic battle.

“I’m starting this year at Challenge Roth, not only because it’s the best race in the world. The starting field this year is just incredible and it’s unique at this level to have pro women and pro men and age groupers all on the same course on the same day. It’s definitely going to be the race of the year and of course I want to do my very best to compete against the best in the world.”