Collin Chartier caught for using doping, suspended for three years

Collin Chartier suspended for three years after using doping (Picture: insta chartier)

American Collin Chartier has been caught using performance-enhancing drugs in an “out of competition” doping test and has been suspended for three years effective immediately. The winner of, among others, Challenge Salou (2021), Ironman Mont-Tremblant (2022) and the PTO US Open (2022) has immediately admitted on socials that he is guilty and says he regrets it ánd does not want to return as a professional triathlete.

Chartier was caught using EPO, which he used at least two months ago. Chartier does not deny the use of the doping and posts a very emotional story on Instagram. In it, he says he apologizes to his family, friends, supporters and the sport in general. He also says he felt lost and unhappy and unable to cope with the intense pressure and expectations that come with life as a pro athlete.