Preview European Championship Ironman Hamburg: Frodeno back in action

Jan Frodeno (Picture: Instagram Frodeno / Ryzon)

It’s showtime at the European Championships Ironman in Hamburg. This Sunday Jan Frodeno will race for the second time this season and the German can expect a particularly strong field of competitors.

Frodeno finally returned to action a few weeks ago during the PTO European Open and even though he did not finish on the podium there, he indicated that he especially enjoyed racing again. His second race of the season, and his first over the Long Distance, is coming up this Sunday in Hamburg. It is hard to say whether Frodeno – given his long period of injury but also his age – is still the biggest favorite, but he is certainly one of the favorites.

The European Championship in Hamburg is for men only and biggest competition Frodeno can probably expect from Frenchman Denis Chevrot, Dane Kristian Hogenhaug, Brit Alistair Brownlee and German Florian Angert. Belgian Pieter Heemeryck is also making an eager impression; he already showed his very good form two weeks ago at Challenge Family The Championship – he finished fourth – and he will undoubtedly continue that line towards the European Championship next Sunday.

There are plenty of outsiders for the title racing as well. American Matt Hanson, for example, or Australian Josh Amberger. Robert Kallin, William Mennesson and Jesper Svensson are also just a few names that are being taken into account.

Striking detail: Max Neumann is not on the start list. The Australian recently won the PTO European Open and then it was grandly announced that he would return to action in Hamburg and thus race against Frodeno again. Apparently that battle will not come about after all, as Neumann is missing from the start list for unclear reasons.