Arthur Horseau receives wildcard for Ironman World Championships

Arhur Horseau wins Ironman Lanzarote (Archive picture Instagram Horseau)

Arthur Horseau, the winner of the latest Ironman Lanzarote, has received a wildcard for the Ironman World Championships in Nice. After winning the race on Lanzarote and showing up to late at the roll-down, his slot was given to Dane Oliver Martinussen, who finished sixth. Horseau immediately let it be know that he wanted the slot but was stuck in traffic, but received no mercy from Ironman. Until now, because Horseau announced that he now received a wildcard.

The whole situation caused a stir in several respects: Ironman received a lot of criticism for not ‘just’ giving Horseau hit slot, but at the same time Martinussen also received a lot of criticism for ‘stealing’ Horseau’s slot. Martinussen stated – fair enough – that he simply accepted an available slot during the roll-down and that he also was willing to return the slot to Horseau, but Ironman didn’t allow him. As a result, Martinussen wasn’t able to change anything about the situation.