Belgian triathlete Diego van Looy insinuates sabotage after equipment failure Embrunman

Diego van Looy at the Embrunman (Picture: FB / Activ'Images)

Belgian triathlete Diego van Looy, who experienced a huge crash two years ago and then needed two years for rehabilitation, suffered equipment failure yesterday during the Embrunman. Because the compression ring of his front brake snapped, he was unable to brake during the descent of the col d’Izoard and ended up landing in the ravine. Afterwards, he insinuated sabotage.

Van Looy was fortunately able to clamber out of the ravine unscathed and even managed to finish the race: in the end he finished 38th. Why Van Looy questioned sabotage on social media is unclear and remarkable to say the least.

In the emotional post, Van Looy wonders if there was sabotage, or simply bad luck. He does not elaborate further. Objectively, there seems little reason – for any triathlete – to sabotage Van Looy’s bike.

Yesterday’s Embrunman was won by Arthur Horseau and Jeanne Collonge.