Quintana Roo selected Official Bike Partner of Challenge Family

Quintana Roo Official Bike Partner of Challenge Family (Picture: press release)

Quintana Roo and Challenge Family announce a multi-year partnership naming Quintana Roo the Official Global Bike Partner of Challenge Family, beginning a collaboration that brings triathlon’s leading bike brand to a greater global base at Challenge Family events throughout Europe, Asia and beyond.

Now in its 21st year, Challenge Family hosts over 30 long and middle-distance triathlons around the globe. Focusing on delivering an unmatched race experience to athletes of all ages and abilities, Challenge Family races provide unforgettable experiences that capture the excitement and emotion of this inspirational sport for competitors, friends, family and supporters alike. Challenge Family has been creating innovative events fostering the healthy growth of multisport lifestyles, together with partners sharing ethical values and business morals.

Iconic in the world of multisport, Quintana Roo has been a respected presence in triathlon for over 36 years.. Quintana Roo is dedicated to maximizing the potential of every athlete, producing some of the most uncompromisingly aerodynamic and practical triathlon and aero road bikes on the market. Designed to fit and perform for athletes at every level, Quintana Roo bicycles have a long history of professional and age group victories. Quintana Roo bikes are developed, engineered and tested by a team of passionate in-house engineers at its headquarters in Chattanooga, Tenn.

With a direct-to-consumer sales model, Quintana Roo bikes are custom-built and ordered by triathletes online at quintanarootri.com, then painted, assembled and shipped from its headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA to triathletes around the world. Quintana Roo maintains a staff of easy-to-access experts that assist in the online purchase and delivery of every Quintana Roo bike, as well as maintain contact after purchase, including onsite support at select events around the world.

The partnership brings together two companies, each committed to the ethos that the athlete always comes first.

“Quintana Roo is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with Challenge Family, an organization that has a sterling, long-standing reputation and legacy of world-class events, with an unparalleled level of care for the customer—a collective of common principles that has made this new relationship so seamless and exciting,” says Peter Hurley, American Bicycle Group and Quintana Roo CEO. “This relationship marks a new chapter and fantastic milestone for the Quintana Roo family, as we grow and showcase our dedicated passion for cycling and triathlon hand-in-hand with Challenge throughout Europe, Asia and beyond. We’re thrilled for Challenge Family triathletes to see Quintana Roo—for many for the first time—and experience our expertise, accessibility and a level of world class service that has set us apart as an industry leader.”

“We are delighted to partner with Quintana Roo as our global bike partner,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “Its long athlete-focused legacy dovetails perfectly with our commitment to ‘all about the athlete’. We’re looking forward to introducing Quintana Roo to our athletes around the world with our courses providing the perfect opportunity to showcase their range of bikes for every athlete.”

Quintana Roo will have bicycles displayed on-site at select Challenge Family events across Europe including DATEV Challenge Roth, Challenge London, The Championship, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam and more.