Tour de Zwift announced: starts on January 3

Tour de Zwift

As it does every year, the very popular Tour de Zwift will start again next January. Spread over eight stages, Zwifters will be able to compete for a month: at stake, as always, is double xp and a number of in-game rewards such as extra gear. Not to mention the training miles, of course.

The Tour de Zwift starts next year on January 3. All eight stages can be ridden in three different variations in terms of distance. We always name the longest routes below. The first stage follows the Triple Loops route in London, can be ridden between Jan. 3 and 7 and takes 41.3 kilometers and 544 altimeters.

The second stage is ridden between January 8 and 12 and takes you to Scotland. The Muckle Yin route is 50.28 kilometers long and has 558 altimeters. Next, between Jan. 13 and 17, you will ride in Makuri Islands and the Makuri 40 route is 40.2 kilometers long, including 306 altimeters. Between January 18 and 22, you can then hit the road in France: the Petit Boucle route is 62 kilometers and has 430 altimeters.

From the fifth stage the real climbing starts. Between January 23 and 27 you go to Innsbruck for the Achterbahn route. In 47.6 kilometers you conquer 973 altimeters. In the sixth stage, which will be ridden between January 28 and February 1, you’ll add to that. With the Accelerate to Elevate route you will cover 43.2 kilometers and climb 1156 altimeters. The finish is on the virtual Alpe d’Huez.

In the penultimate stage, which runs between Feb. 2 and 6, the course flattens out a bit more, but there is still some serious climbing left. In New York awaits the Everything Bagel route: 34.4 kilometers including 525 altimeters. The final stage – between Feb. 7 and 11 – concludes with a so-called “Rebel Route,” where you have to navigate yourself. The longest route is 55.6 kilometers and includes 324 altimeters.

The end of the Tour de Zwift is always followed by a week in which you can catch up on stages you did not complete.