Training platform Humango joins Challenge Family as a new partner

Humango joins Challenge Family

Humango, a training platform integrating AI-powered technology, is announcing a multiyear agreement with Challenge Family. This strategic partnership heralds a new era of innovation and support for endurance athletes worldwide.

Serving as the Official Digital Coaching & AI Solutions Partner for Challenge Family’s more than 30 races worldwide, Humango will leverage its advanced AI technology to provide athletes with unparalleled training support to help them achieve their performance goals, while conquering their Challenge Family goals. When athletes sign up for a  Challenge Family race, they can now opt for an advanced, AI-powered training solution. Humango is not only cost-effective but an extremely flexible technology that offers hyper-personalized training plans for middle and long-distance triathlon. This allows them to reach the starting line with confidence that they are going to eclipse their race-day goals. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside Challenge Family,” said Eric Abeccassis, Founder and CEO of Humango. “This partnership symbolizes our shared commitment to fostering a community where every individual can embrace their inner athlete. Together, we are dedicated to championing the fundamental joys and simplicity of sport, empowering athletes to push their limits and celebrate their achievements.”

Registrants will also experience firsthand webinars with Humango’s world-cass coaches, including longtime triathlon coach and Triathlon Hall of Famer Lance Wastson; receive training blogs and newsletters, be able to connect with other athletes in the Humango social section of the app, and experience in-person activations at several of Challenge Family events and more.

“Partnering with Humango brings a whole new dimension to what we are able to offer our athletes as part of their race experience,” said Jort Vlam, CEO of Challenge Family. “Every partnership consideration is based on our ethos of ‘all about the athlete’ and Humango’s revolutionary use of AI to provide affordable and tailored training for our athletes, together with their business ethos, certainly fulfills this. We’re looking forward to the Challenge Family community enjoying this latest training technology to achieve their best during the 2024 Challenge Family race season.”

Whether athletes are gearing up for their first triathlon, or aiming to set a new long-distance PR, Humango equips them with the tools and support needed to achieve their multi-sport aspirations. By analyzing training history, current fitness levels, and event objectives, the app generates fully-optimized training plans, while allowing for flexibility to accommodate life’s inevitable disruptions, such as work commitments, travel, illness, or injury. Humango’s AI-enhanced training plans are custom-made for athletes, as well as coaches to promote more effective and smarter training for those who won’t settle for less. 

“For over two decades, Challenge Family has been providing events around the globe that pushes athletes to be the best they can be,” said Matt Hanson, triathlete and Humango Brand Ambassador. “This partnership between Humango and Challenge Family will help allow athletes access to a training program that will help them prepare for the demands of the course.”