[VIDEO] Shocking footage: Jonathan Wayaffe catapults himself off bike during Ironman 70.3 Valencia

Jonathan Wayaffe just before he hits the ground (Picture: Instagram / Edu Borrow)

Things are not going well for Jonathan Wayaffe; just last year the Belgian pro athlete crashed hard on a descent at Challenge Gran Canaria, but last weekend he crashed once again during Ironman 70.3 Valencia. Shocking footage shows what happened and how brutal Wayaffe slammed into the asphalt. After the crash, Wayaffe logically dropped out of the race.

Wayaffe only had a few hundred meters left to cycle before arriving in T2, so he started to take off his shoes beforehand. “In the process, I stupidly tapped my handlebars, started swinging and hit the ground with my pedal. Then I literally catapulted. I’ve done this (taking off shoes while cycling, ed.) countless times and yet then this happens. That’s galling as hell and I did take a big dent mentally. It was my own stupid mistake.”

Ironman 70.3 Valencia was won by Leo Bergere and Laura Madsen. For now, the damage does not appear to be too bad for Wayaffe, who reported being okay under the circumstances. Check out the shocking footage below: