Ironman struggles to attract people for their World Championship

This is not the first time Ironman has struggled to sell its slots for the World Championships, and this year it seems to be hitting its stride again. Nice in particular – which is hosting the Women’s Ironman World Championship this year – is struggling to fill up and last weekend’s slot allocation in Hamburg was a glaring example of that.

Ironman Hamburg proved to be a lightning-fast race last weekend, where great successes were achieved. Thus, many women also qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Nice. That made it all the more painful to see that Ironman speaker Till Schenk just couldn’t manage to actually allocate the slots the day after: “Is there another female finisher from yesterday in the room who would like to start at the World Championship in Nice?” he eventually even shouted through the hall.

That didn’t help either, because only 40 of the 75 slots were allocated, and in practice that effectively meant that anyone who had wanted to could have gotten a slot.

A slot for the Ironman World Championship in Nice costs about 1,500 euros.