2020 Triathlon achievements: Emma Pooley’s record-setting Everesting effort

Photo: Emma Pooley Instagram

The lack of sporting competition this past year has led to no shortage of athletes taking on different challenges. Everesting is a challenge where the athlete must gain the same elevation of the worlds tallest mountain, 8,848 m.

Emma Pooley, an accomplished professional cyclist turned triathlete, won the Powerman Duathlon World Championships in 2017 and, after a break from competition, shattered the women’s Eversting record in Schwyz, Switzerland this summer on the Haggenegg climb. Her time of 8:53:36 not only broke the 9 hour mark, but beat previous record holder Hanna Rhodes-Patterson’s time by 15 minutes!

2020 has been a busy year for Eversting attempts as both the male and female leaderboards have changed dramatically as athletes look for alternative endurance feats. With the recent news of women breaking the 9 hour mark and American Sean Gardner cracking the sub 7 hour mark this fall, perhaps more triathletes will tackle the all day Ironman-like suffer fest!