Anneke Jenkins sustained injury while traveling by plane to PTO 2020 Championship

(Photo: Anneke Jenkins Instagram)

“Who knew you could tear a muscle in your foot while sitting on a flight…” Anneke Jenkins won’t be racing upcoming Sunday during the PTO 2020 Championship due to an injury she sustained while traveling to the USA. Although something was already off before hopping on the plane, the Kiwi explains. “Obviously it must have happened before, but I felt nothing of it. During the flight to the US on Monday I felt a small lump develop on the top of my foot. After training the next day it started aching and became more and more painful.”

Despite the extra amount of rest that Jenkins allowed herself to take, the pain didn’t fade and the lump even got bigger. “I thought I better get it checked out before I run on it and injure myself. Next minute I’m getting news of a decent tear of the Extensor Digitorum Brevis and a hematoma. I actually can’t believe it”, she writes. “I never felt anything whilst running. Super weird.”

Even though Jenkins is already in Daytona, she won’t toe the line on Sunday. “So gutted to miss such an epic opportunity.” From the sideline Jenkins will cheer for fellow triathletes during the race and of course her husband, one of the men’s favorites: Javier Gomez.