Chris Nikic featured on NBC, January 3rd 2021

Ironman’s relationship with NBC continues in the new year with a new segment set to air this coming January. “Anything is Possible” is a new series which will highlight Ironman athletes’ journey to the finish line. Chris Nikic became the first athlete with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman earlier this year at Ironman Florida. The moving story of Nikic finishing the race in his home state made headlines globally and the 21 year old’s success story is the perfect kick off to the new show.

“It is an honour to kick off this new series with the remarkable story of Chris Nikic, who showed the world that pre-conceived barriers or limitations can indeed be shattered, bringing a new reality of what is possible not only for individuals with disabilities, but for all who face challenges of any kind,” says Ironman CEO Andrew Messick.

The show will focus on Nikic’s daily life living with Down Syndrome and focus on his “1% better” each day approach, a goal set out by his family and coach which helped get him to the finish line. The accomplishment Nikic achieved sets a new standard for what athletes are capable of and will hopefully inspire others to push through mental and physical barriers in life. The show will be available on NBC stations and the Ironman Now Facebook Watch Page. Whether you are a seasoned triathlete or aspiring Ironman finisher Nikic’s story can surely inspire all who want to push their physical limits.