Impressive feats by triathletes in 2020: Lionel Sanders breaks Canadian hour record

Photo: @milossavicvisuals/ Lionel Sanders Instagram

2020 was a unique year for the sporting world and, as a result, triathletes gave other athletic pursuits a go. As 2020 closes let’s look back on some impressive feats taken on by triathletes across the globe.

One hour record

On October 23 Canadian Lionel Sanders broke the Canadian national hour record at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, Ont., Canada. The professional triathlete completed 51.304 km in the hour on the velodrome. This broke a previous record of 48.587 kilometers held by Canadian cyclist Ed Veal. Sanders, a multi discipline athlete, told CBC that triathletes are “not completely at the level that the single-sport athletes are, but we’re not that far off.”

The effort by Sanders was an impressive feat and shows just how versatile those who swim, bike and run can be. Sanders noted he is “a triathlete and that’s what pays the bills and what motivates me.”

After breaking the Canadian hour record, Sanders placed fourth overall at the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona, averaging 30.16 miles an hour passing the masses.

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