Walmsley just misses 100 km world record

Jim Walmsley can’t seem to buy a break when it comes to the 100 km world record. He hit the wall at the first Project Carbon X race in 2019, fading after setting a 50-mile American record. Today the American had a cushion of about a minute with 10 km to go, but once again couldn’t quite hang on, missing the world record by 11 seconds at Project Carbon X2 in Arizona today. The American set a new 100 km American record in 6:09:25. The world record of 6:09:14 was set by Japan’s Nao Kazami.

Walmsley and fellow Flagstaff, Arizona resident Craig Hunt broke clear of the field early, going through 50 km in 3:04:14. Walmsley pulled clear of Hunt through 60 km and found himself on his own as he averaged 5:56/ mile (3:41/ km) through the 100 km race.