Inspiration: award-winning Norseman documentary

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

It’s one of the toughest full-distance triathlons there is. Not just because of the rough Norwegian climate, but even more so because of the many steep climbs athletes have to conquer. The day begins with a Jump from a boat into the water of an ice-cold fjord for the swim, athletes then tackle strong winds during the bike leg, and finally run a marathon that finishes up a mountain. In total the race is good for over 5,000 m of climbing.

Experienced full-distance triathlete Greg Whyte didn’t let any of these challenges stop him from taking on the event. In 2019 the then 52-year-old British athlete was followed before and during the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon by a crew who put together the award-winning documentary: Black & Whyte.

“Black & Whyte provides a unique training blueprint for any athlete looking to push themselves further and harder. Perhaps most importantly though, this is a film that shows that with the right preparation and mental resilience, age is nothing more than a number”.