Iron Cowboy struggles to continue 100 Ironmans in 100 days challenge due to shin injury

Photo: ironcowboy.con

The Canadian “Iron Cowboy,” James Lawrence, is currently trying to take on the challenge of completing 100 Ironmans in 100 days. He started this latest challenge on March 1, and was set to continue until June 8. According to social media reports, Lawrence has recently struggled with a shin injury that will slow the Iron Cowboy down on this ambitious challenge.

Tweets from the Lawrence team revealed an injury which has been hindering James’s running over his past daily full-distance events. A tweet revealed: “Shin update: The carbon plated brace seems to be doing its job. James is able to slowly progress with minimal pain at this point.”

“Today is also triple deca day. 30 is a big landmark number that James was pushing towards… He also mentioned that after tomorrow’s finish line, he will never do a full distance Triathlon in the month of March ever again.”

The pursuit for 100 full distance events over 100 days is double the 50 events in 50 states over 50 days Lawrence accomplished in 2016. A documentary was made about that effort that was released in 2016 highlighted the determination Lawrence showed to get through the incredible challenge. He is currently in Utah and will be set to continue his 31st full distance event on the last day of March.

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