Jonas Deichmann checks in after 181 days of his triathlon around the world

(Photo: Instagram Jonas Deichmann)

It’s been six months since Germany’s Jonas Deichman embarked on the journey of a lifetime: a triathlon around the world. In total he will cover a distance of approximately 120 full-distance triathlons. Deichmann’s goal was to complete the trip within ten months, but due to the coronavirus it will likely take a little longer. It’s been 181 days since he started.

In the first stage of the trip, Deichmann biked from Munich (Germany) to Rijeka (Croatia). From there he swam 456 km along the coast to Debrovnik in southern Croatia. After spending weeks in the cold water, battling against strong currents, Deichmann said he looked forward to leaving the water and hopping on his bike.

Whether he still enjoys riding his bike, or decides to change to another discipline isn’t clear, but based on the video below, it doesn’t appear that the cycling is any easier.

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The route

Deichmann is currently somewhere near Samara in Russia. He will stick to biking until he reaches Shanghai. There he will embark on a boat trip to San Francisco. Hopefully the long trip won’t hurt his legs too much, because for the final leg of his “triathlon around the world” Deichmann plans to run across the USA.

The complete route that Deichmann plans to take. (Photo: Jonas Deichmann)