Jan Frodeno trains with Cameron Wurf

(Picture: Instagram Jan Frodeno)

Cameron Wurf is an athlete who expresses himself a lot on social media, and loves to make fun of his colleagues. At the moment the Australian pro athlete is in the Spanish town of Girona, and yesterday he spent a day on the bike with Jan Frodeno. In turn, Frodeno also made a joke of that. “Good thing he brought a speaker, since he doesn’t like to talk much. Also good to finally see one of the most famous rear wheels in triathlon,” Frodeno wrote, completing his post with a smiling emoticon

“Thanks for stopping by mate,” Frodeno added. Of course, Wurf also placed a comment under it. “Loved having a good old fashioned Jan with you Frodo,” Wurf wrote, also ending with a smiling emoticon.