Tanja Stroschneider shares before and after photos of transformation: “I had to eat more to get in this shape”

(Photo: Instagram Tanja Stroschneider)

“A lot can change within 6 months,” reads the Instagram caption by World Triathlon triathlete Tanja Stroschneider under a before and after photo. “On the left: 3 months after disc surgery (and 15 months after the injury happened) when I started training again. On the right: 6 months later as training goes better and better! And I can tell you: I am happier than ever.”

After struggling to find the right training program and diet, Austria’s Stroschneider finally found balance and learned how to treat her body: “I actually had to eat more to get in this shape, but timing is more than essential and this is the point where most told me how stupid, crazy, undisciplined etc. I was because all I ever heard was that I had to eat less and less. I always listened to them, though I always felt that this was just wrong. My body went on strike and the result was that I got blamed that it just didn’t work out because I was still eating too much, which made things even worse.”

“Long story short…”, Stroschneider concludes: “Listen to your body. Believe in yourself and dare to trust in your feelings and thoughts.”