TikTok runner goes viral with shin splint “hack”

TikTok runner goes viral with shin splint "hack". (Photo: Daniel Reche, Pixabay)

It may look like a simple and old “hack” TikTok-user Alysha Flynn shared with her followers, but many people have responded that this will be their new go-to. We can’t tell whether it’s any different from simply icing after a run, but we do know that the video went viral, reaching over 216,000 views.

Shin splints are a painful and common injury, especially among beginner runners, or those who increase their mileage too quickly. According to some comments on TikTok the trick that Flynn shares – which comes down to icing and massaging – could help ease the pain.

“This is the best shin splints relief I’ve ever experienced! Thank you so much for sharing this. It was a lifesaver,” one TikTok-user commented. “My coaches had a freezer full of those for shin splints and if people didn’t want to take an ice bath,” reads another comment.

The best tip for avoiding shin splints is probably still to take it easy with your build up and resting when needed. Ignoring a shin splint injury will only make it worse. However, if you do start to feel some tension in your shins, maybe this could at least ease the pain and help to recover a bit faster after a run.