Challenge Family announces partnership with Ship To Cycle as worldwide bike carrier

(Photo: Pixabay)

“We want athletes to always have the opportunity to participate in our races around the world and like to make the travel involved as easy as possible.” Yesterday, Challenge Family announced a new partnership with Ship To Cycle, an organization that handles the shipping of bikes for athletes with their “door to door service”.

“Athletes will be able to arrange this in a few clicks on the website of Ship To Cycle“, Challenge Family COO Jefry Visser states. “Athletes only need to prepare their bike box while Ship To Cycle will pick it up and deliver it to the destination address.”

The service can be customized to the athlete’s personal preferences, which makes traveling much easier: “It doesn’t matter if you want to make one trip, a return trip or even visit different locations: your bike will always reach its destination and arrive safely where you are. The service is always adapted to your wishes. It is even possible – if you want to enjoy the surroundings as an athlete after your race – to have your bike transported home earlier.”

Traveling with a bike case often comes along with quite some stress for athletes, with one of the main worries being the safety of the bike and whether it will actually make it to your destination (in time). Visser believes that Ship to Cycle can take a lot of that stress away: “Ship To Cycle uses only the best international couriers and shipping is fully tracked. Nobody touches the athlete’s bikes and you always know exactly where your bike is.”

Ship to Cycle is a brand of Sports & Evens Logistics (SEL), a company that has over twenty years of experience in offering logistics, travel and management services to sportspeople, teams and organizers. Ship To Cycle CEO Pier Carlo Bottero adds: “Ship To Cycle is a unique service born to make life easier for triathletes and cyclists travelling to events all around the world. We understand the athletes’ needs well, particularly their concerns when travelling with a bike. Ship to Cycle is a premium, door-to-door service, specifically created to relieve the stress of transporting a bike to the airport and to avoid unexpected outcomes or inconveniences. For several years we collaborated with the International Triathlon Union and while working for triathlon events worldwide, we decided we would like to offer a transport service to all those who need it.”