Zwift heads to new world: ‘Yumezi’

While Zwifters can already train in virtual worlds like Watopia, Paris, France, London, Innsbruck, Yorkshire and New York, the virtual training program is adding ‘Yumezi’ to the mix. “Brand new roads. Same fast fun. Say hello to Yumezi, the tranquil countryside within the Makuri Islands. Inspired by a collective lifelong love of Japanese tradition and pop culture, this brand new world is primed for future expansion, with all-new routes and regions to come.”

Yumezi will be featured as a “Guest World” between May 20th and 30th and, after that, it will be available in regular rotation starting June 1st. You can find all new routes here, most of them between 10 and 20 km. “There’s a certain magic to Yumezi, a land where fields and forests brim with hidden life. For years it’s been quiet, peaceful…but not anymore. Beneath its placid surface, the land rumbles with a new spirit. Of competition. Of adventure. Take off across green hills, explore a festival market, get lost in misty woods, experience a traditional village castle, and so much more. It’s all waiting to be discovered.”