Frodeno and Sanders “Battle Royale” set for July 18 in Germany

(Photo: Kevin Mackinnon)

We sure hope they’re not just pulling our legs! During a Zwift “Rumour Ride” today Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders provided some information on the back-and-forth challenge they’ve been scheming on social media over the last few weeks.

If what we’ve learned today is true, the two will compete in a one-on-one, full-distance race in Algau, Germany on July 18. Pro Tri News, a podcast that includes Talbot Cox, who works with Sanders on his Youtube channel, posted a graphic on it’s Instagram page (see below) that provided a few more details – there will be no drafting, the course will follow a closed motorway, there won’t be any pacers and, that “Jan has hired a chef for the week.”

If the race is truly slated for July 18, Sanders will only have three weeks to recover from Ironman Couer d’Alene, where he’s competing to try and earn himself a spot at the Ironman World Championship in October.

We’ll have to wait for a more official release to get more details on the event, but if it really does take place it will certainly be one of the triathlon highlights of 2021!