Clash offers prize money in Bitcoin

Paula Findlay claims victory and $100.000 prize purse at Challenge Daytona in 2020. This year athletes will be able to claim their prize money in Bitcoin. (Picture: PTO Hub)

Event company Clash, formerly known as Challenge North America, has announced that it will offer “its professional athletes the opportunity to be paid winnings, either all or a percentage of their choosing, in Bitcoin.”

“We are thrilled to make this latest announcement,” said Clash CEO, Bill Christy. “Bitcoin is a matter of convenience, an investment and serves as an additional secure payment option.

“This new option provides our athletes with the ability to receive compensation on their preferred terms. These incredible athletes continue to inspire me, the entire CLASH team and the expansive age group field. We owe it to them to advance the business and elevate their profession with this new opportunity.”

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009. Clash says that by offering pros their prize money through a digital wallet transaction there will be lower transaction fees than traditional banking. The first event where this will be an option will be Clash Daytona in December.