Ironman Vichy dam situation doesn’t look good: “The water is gone”

(Photo: Liane van Egmond and Pascal Valentijn)

Last week, the word came out that the swim might have to be cancelled at this year’s Ironman Vichy, due to a broken dam. While the organization says they still anticipate it will be fixed before the race, local sources tell us it seems that these chances are small. “We saw that the water is completely gone and asked about the repair situation: it seems like the local community is not as positive as Vichy’s mayor,” triathletes Liane van Egmond and Pascal Valentijn – who are currently training in Vichy – told us.

“They expect it to take a few months, or even more: there is no telling when parts will be available again. However, we weren’t able to talk to the people who are actually responsible for the restoration of the dam, so this remains unofficial, and we stay positive, just like the mayor.”