Ironman Vichy stuck without water for the swim due to broken dam

(Photo: Pixabay)

It’s a bizarre reason to cancel a swim, but Ironman Vichy might not be able to offer a swim at this year’s race because the Lac d’Allier is slowly emptying due to a broken dam. The lake is leaking after a lightning strike on Monday night hit the Barrage dam. That could have implications for Ironman Vichy, which takes place in August, but local authorities have faith that the dam will be repaired by that time.

The swim at Ironman Vichy usually takes place in Lac d’Allier. On Tuesday, the organizers of the event told everyone to continue their training, since they are confident that the triathlon – including the swim – will take place. “Due to a break in the valve of Vichy’s water barrage bridge, we are in daily contact with the city of Vichy. The restoration of the dam has the highest priority for the city. They promised to keep us updated about a recovery plan,” the organization explained. 

Vichy’s mayor trusts that the race can still take place on Aug. 21 and 22: “The upcoming four weeks, all events in and around the water are cancelled. We trust that we can fix the dam in time so that there will be water in Lac d’Allier again before August. I’m optimistic that Ironman Vichy can continue to take place.”