Race data Frodeno and Sanders compared in lead up to Tri Battle Royale

(Photo: SAP)

Who has the best chance at winning the Tri Battle Royale on Jul. 18 – Jan Frodeno or Lionel Sanders? Although most people probably expect Frodeno to win, it’s interesting to compare these two athletes. Who swims, bikes and runs faster, and what will the difference in time be at the finish line? Frodeno just shared some nice facts.

SAP – Frodeno’s data tool – compared the marathon times (in a triathlon) of Frodeno and Sanders. In the images below, it shows that Frodeno consequently performs stronger in this last discipline, but their PB’s don’t differ that much. Frodeno ran his fastest marathon in 2:39:06 hour, while Sanders needed 2:42:31 hour for his fastest marathon within a triathlon; that’s 3:25 minute slower than Frodeno. 

If you were to compare the PB’s of both athletes in all three disciplines with each other, Frodeno would have a 7:06-minute advantage on Sanders at the finish line. Frodeno would need 42:22 minutes for the swim, in comparison to 51:33 minutes for Sanders. The bike part Sanders would cover faster: he would need 4:04:38 hour, while Frodeno’s clocked 4:07:08 in his fastest 180 km. The time that Sanders wins in the saddle, he loses again on the run, because Frodeno’s fastest marathon was 2:39:06 and Sanders 2:42:31 hour. The finish time would come down to 7:31:36 in case of Frodeno and 7:38:42 hour for Sanders. 

On average, however, Frodeno’s advantage would be even bigger. Comparing his overall race results, Frodeno would be 10:25 minutes faster than Sanders. Frodeno would swim 47:40 minutes (Sanders 54:35), bike 4:25:40 (Sanders 4:18:33) and run 2:51:55 (Sanders 3:02:32).