Skye Moench runs to big and “easy” win at Ironman Chattanooga

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

Only in the water, America’s Skye Moench wasn’t leading during today’s Ironman Chattanooga. The rest of the day she spent in front, and far in front, because Moench took a big win. Spain’s Gurutze Frades Larralde finished in second place (+26:31) and Canada’s Melanie McQuaid in third (+30:13).

With a swim time of 44:33 minutes, Moench had to tolerate one athlete ahead of her in the start of the bike part. It was Canada’s Rach McBride who was the fastest swimmer of the day; she needed 44:31 minutes to get back on land and into T1.

Completing the 180 km of cycling in 4:44:03 hours, Moench took the lead during this second discipline, creating an advantage of fifteen minutes to the second lady – McQuaid – by the time she entered T2. Halfway through the run, Moench had extended that lead to an incredible 20 minutes. In 3:01:11 hours, she ended up covering the marathon. After 8:34:07 hours of racing, Moench got to lift the tape above her head as the winner of Ironman Chattanooga.

A strong run saw Frades Larralde move up to second place in the final part of the marathon, while McQuaid had to settle for third.