Zwift Academy Tri kicks off again on Oct. 18

(Photo: Zwift)

The Zwift Academy Tri, the “biggest and most inclusive training program” as Zwift calls it, returns on Oct. 18, 2021. The program is renewed with some new workouts and different types of events. The series include ten workouts and two “benchmarking runs and rides”: the Baseline Run, the Finish Line Run, the Baseline Ride and the Finish Line Ride.

The special Baseline and Finish Line races are mandatory events in order to complete the program. Athletes get to choose different distances for both the bike and run, either 40 or 20 km of cycling and 5 or 10 km of running. The races will give athletes an indication of how their performance has grown after doing the workouts of the Zwift Academy Tri program.

Also, for the Zwift Academy Tri athletes can select whether they prefer to do long or short runs, depending on their training program, current shape and level of experience. The short run workouts are about 25 to 35 minutes long, while the long workouts are 40 to 60 minutes long. Both will include intervals and tempo durations, which will help athletes improve.

In order to be part of the Zwift Academy Tri Team, which benefits from certain sponsor deals, athletes need to complete the long versions of all ten workouts and complete all the long versions of the Baseline and Finish Line races.

The program kicks off on Oct. 18 and lasts until Dec. 13, 2021. Registration is now open.