Gustav Iden’s brother and coach Mikal shares race-prep video on “fastest ever Ironman debut”

Photo: Gustav Iden Instagram/ Mikal Iden/ Talbot Cox

Not only Gustav Iden (NOR) is a new phenomenon within the world of triathlon, also his brother Mikal Iden gained popularity as a coach. Because after coaching his brother to a World Championship title, Mikal recently started coaching Canada’s Lionel Sanders too. Mikal takes us along during the final preparations for Gustav’s Ironman debut race at Ironman Florida. Extra interesting to have a closer look at his preparation and thoughts about the race given the fact that Gustav ended up taking a big win, clocking the fastest Ironman debut time, according to Mikal.

It’s not all about Gustav though, because Sweden’s Robert Kallin also surprised with an amazing performance, finishing third overall. Skip to 7:17-13:39 minute to check out the interview with Kallin and watch 14:54-34:30 minute to hear about Gustav’s race.