Pro cyclists Adam Yates and Freddy Ovett ran a sub-3 hour marathon for off-season

(Photo: Adam Yates Instagram)

The combination or shift from triathlon to cycling and the other way around isn’t rare  – we’ve seen Cameron Wurf (AUS) and Adam Hansen (AUS) try it out, for instance. And they might get some strong competition on the bike, because pro cyclist Adam Yates (GBR) and Freddy Ovett (AUS) had a taste of what a triathlon could be like, as they ran a marathon last weekend. It’s probably no more than a little outing for the two, but even though they are enjoying their off-season, they did very well: both athletes noted a sub-3 hour time.

Yates did so during the Barcelona Marathon. He wasn’t too excited about running, it seems, though. “I think I’ll stick to bike riding”, he joked on Instagram. “A couple of weeks on the beach is not the most ideal prep, but I’m happy with 2:58:44 here at Barcelona Marathon.”

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Australia’s Ovett ran a marathon that same day, but on the other side of the world, in Los Angeles. The conditions were different of course, which makes it hard to compare times, but Ovett was nearly ten minutes faster, as he clocked 2:48:55 hours and finished 44th. “Confirmed: you can run a marathon off cycling training”, he said on Instagram. 



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