Splits Kristian Blummenfelt very impressive, Jan Frodeno calls him ‘next level’

Kristian Blummenfelt finishing after 7:21:12 Ironman Cozumel. (Picture: Instagram Blummenfelt / @fmtri)

After Kristian Blummenfelt’s already unforgettable race – yesterday he won Ironman Cozumel in an IM-best time of 7:21:12 – some questions immediately arose about whether the distances of the race were correct. Fortunately, the distances were just right, as evidenced by Blummenfelt’s Strava account, and that makes his split times more than impressive. Jan Frodeno congratulated Blummenfelt afterwards via socials and called him ‘next level’.


Blummenfelt’s swim time was 39:41 minutes; that amounts to a speed of 5.75 kilometers per hour and an average of 10:26 minutes per kilometer. It should be noted that Ironman Cozumel, even though the race consists of a 3.8 km swim, does have a swim course where athletes swim in one direction in the sea, with a strong current from behind. There are no races where swimming is faster than in Cozumel, mainly due to this huge advantage.


On the bike, Blummenfelt set a time of 4:02:40. That time represented an average speed of 44.51 kilometers per hour. Actually, Blummenfelt rode even faster, because according to his Strava the distance was 181.86 kilometers instead of 180 kilometers exactly and that would mean an average speed of 45.1 kilometers per hour. Not entirely surprising: on the segment created here, Blummenfelt took the crown.


During the run, Blummenfelt simply continued his dizzyingly fast pace. His run time of 2:35:24 captured the imagination of many triathletes, even if the run course was a little too short according to the Norwegian’s Strava profile: 41:46 kilometers. However, this falls well within the margins set for official races and means an average running pace of 3:47 minutes per kilometer. This, in turn, equates to an average speed of 15.86 kilometers per hour. On average, his 10 kilometer pace during the marathon was in less than 38 minutes.

Afterwards, Blummenfelt remained cool on socials. “Had a great time out there racing my first full Ironman. Thanks to all the crowds out in the course.”