Triathlete survives fall from 15-meter high bridge during IM 70.3 North Carolina

(Photo: Wilmington Fire Department)

A participant of Ironman 70.3 North Carolina (Oct. 23, 2021) was lucky to not sustain any injuries after falling off a high bridge. According to local news outlet WECT the athlete was rescued by a special team of the Wilmington Fire Department after he had crashed with his bike and fallen into the deep. The athlete was of course unlucky to crash at all, but on the other hand, he had been very lucky to not get hurt.

A spokesperson from the Wilmington Fire Department declared that the bridge was about 15 meters high and that the rescue team had turned out to Martin Luther King. Jr. Parkway around 9 AM. The team was able to hoist the athlete up after one of the rescue workers had descended via a rope.