World Triathlon partners with RaceRanger for anti-drafting technology

(Photo: RaceRanger)

World Triathlon just announced to partner up with RaceRanger, a company that developed a triathlon-specific anti-drafting system. The project was initiated by former pro athletes James Elvery and Dylan McNeice (NZL) and in cooperation with the World Triathlon Sports team. The technology consists of two electronic devices that athletes have to mount onto their bike in non-drafting races: one on the back and one on the front. The machine will accurately measure the distance between athletes while they ride their bike.

Also, the system will show athletes, via a light on the ground, at what distance they are from fellow participants. As soon as an athlete enters the draft zone, race officials will get their information through the related app. This is all in real time, which should make it easy for officials to judge the situation and see whether a penalty is required. This will help to make an objective call.

The system will be tested at various races during New Zealand’s summer before it will be applied in international non-drafting World Triathlon events.

Find a full explanation about this technology in the video below: