Zwift expands Makuri Islands with new Neokyo roads

Zwift is opening the roads of Neokyo, the first expansion to Zwift’s latest virtual world, Makuri Islands. Neokyo follows the original May 2021 Yumezi map release and doubles the size of Makuri Islands. Zwifters will be able to ride and run between these two contrasting maps, which will be connected by a road through virtual rice fields.

Taking inspiration from Japan’s major cities, Zwift notes that ‘Neokyo has electrified the night. Vibrant colours, popping neon lights and glistening fast roads ensure this nighttime city is anything but dark. The perfect contrast to the tranquillity of Yumezi, Neokyo introduces the fast-paced nature of city living to Makuri Islands. Fast flat roads, towering buildings, eye-popping neon billboards, nighttime revellers and arcade halls make Neokyo a perfect place to test your legs and ride fast. A new adventure awaits.’

From launch, there will be eight new routes to ride.

  • Railways and Rooftops – in the upper city Zwifters can race along railways and rooftops. Distance: 3.8 mi // 6.1 km, Elevation Gain: 226 ft // 68.9 m
  • Rooftop Rendezvous – climb to the top of Neokyo, scaling rooftops and monorails on the way. Distance: 2.3 mi // 3.7 km, Elevation Gain: 184.7 ft // 56.3 m
  • Neon Flats – three sprints along this flat route through the city. Distance: 9.1 mi // 14.7 km, Elevation Gain: 235.2 ft // 71.7 m
  • Sprinter’s Playground – four sprints in a single route. Distance: 7.6 mi // 12.3 km, Elevation Gain: 221 ft // 67.4 m
  • Neokyo All-Nighter – explore Neokyo, including four sprints and a KOM along this challenging route. Distance: 15.1 mi // 24.3 km, Elevation Gain: 548.9 ft // 167.3 m
  • Sleepless City – fast route through the heart of the city. Distance: 5.9 mi // 9.5 km, Elevation Gain: 138.8 ft // 42.3 m
  • Wandering Flats – a long flatter route from the scenic countryside to the bustling city. Distance: 15.5 mi // 25.0 km, Elevation Gain: 477.7 ft // 145.6 m
  • Temples and Towers – from downtown rooftops to mystical temples, with three KOMs in a single route. Distance: 20.2 mi // 32.5 km, Elevation Gain: 1043.3 ft // 318 m