Trek launches new Speed Concept: “Our best and fastest tri bike ever”

(Photo: Trek)

“Trek introduces an all-new Speed Concept, ushering in a new era of aerodynamic integrated design that helps triathletes be faster on the bike and during their run.” These are the words Trek uses to introduce their new Speed Concept time trial bike. “With incredible aerodynamics, tri-specific comfort tech, full integration of accessories and hydration, and a modern front end, the new Speed Concept is in a class of its own–and it’s the fastest bike we’ve ever tested”, trek adds.

The new Speed Concept would save athletes up to sixteen watts compared to Trek’s previous time trial bike. That would save you – on average – six minutes on the bike part of a Long Distance, Trek states.

IsoSpeed moved forward

What Trek improved too, is the positioning of its IsoSpeed saddle demping. This has moved forward, which better suits the time trial position of triathletes. “This allows Speed Concept riders to take full advantage of IsoSpeed’s fatigue-fighting properties for a faster bike and run”, Trek mentions. 

Wide fit window 

The Speed Concept provides triathletes a wide fit window, which allows you to adjust the fit based on your specific needs. “Adjustments are simple–most can be made with one to two allen keys–andremoving the bar for travel while preserving position is easy. With Trek’s online fit calculator,riders can convert pad X/Y positions into the components they’ll need to get their desired fit.”

Integrated storage space and fueling system 

A big advantage for every triathlete: a bike with integrated storage space and an aerodynamic fueling system. And that’s exactly what the Trek Speed Concept offers. The bike has a between-the-arms drinking bottle, a Bentobox for nutrition on the top tube, an innovative and aerodynamic 750 ml bottle on the bottom of the frame, and last but not least: an integrated repair kit in the frame. The following four close-up shots give a better idea of these features: 

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The Bentobox on the top tube. (Photo: Trek)
The between-the-arms drinking bottle. (Photo: Trek)
An aerodynamic bottle of 750 ml on the frame. (Photo: Trek)
A repair kit within the frame. (Photo: Trek)

Available Speed Concept-models en sales prices 

  • Speed Concept SLR 9 eTap P1              € 13.099
  • Speed Concept SLR 9 P1                        € 13.099
  • Speed Concept SLR 7 eTap P1              € 10.099
  • Speed Concept SLR 7 P1                        € 9.599
  • Speed Concept SLR 6 eTap P1              € 8.599
  • Speed Concept SLR F/S                          € 5.599
  • Speed Concept TT F/S                             € 6.099